Born from the latin word Propulsum, which means pushing forward, propulsion is the principle that allows a body to move in its surrounding space. It uses a thruster that transforms into a driving force the energy provided by the outside environment or by an engine.

Transposed to our reality which is the representation of elite athletes, the energy needed for propulsion does not come from an engine but from the efforts and the desire to succeed shown by the players that we are honoured to represent.

As for us, we are the propeller. We accompany the players and their families towards success by guiding them throughout this long journey, often strewn with pitfalls.

With PROPULSION, you benefit from a turnkey service, personalized and adapted to your needs. In the end, you will only have to concentrate on one thing : your performances as we will take care of everything else.


Interview simulation and physical testing preparation


Negotiation and drafting of contractual agreement


Advice on the use of social media, negotiation of advertising agreement, media relations

Physical preparation

Nutritional advice, personalized training program on and off ice


Financial management and post-career planning


Our network of contacts allows us to work in North America and Europe.